Thursday, October 9, 2008

my mom at age 5, 12, 20


MeganHarder said...

The woman
• I notice the collar of the females changing as the faces get older
• I notice the hair on the middle doesn’t seem to have a direction or a form. It has a solid feel to it.
• I notice the two younger people looking at us, and the oldest one looking somewhere else

I think working with the idea of the portrait is strong. Without a setting and environments you can narrow in on the concept of age and change. If you have both versions of the people it would have a different meaning and you would loose the age and change concept or at least the strength of the idea. You’d enter into the idea of family and how we embrace or shun ourselves.

I enjoy the family subject matter. I think it makes it more personal, though it would be interesting to see a few more subjects, though not an overwhelming amount of people, because then it gets cluttered and it would start talking to how we age together as a generation as well.

Nou Chee said...

I think your thesis of studying the growth structure can work in various ways. What you’re doing now is already working. If you wanted to go in other directions about approaching this thesis, I think instead of just drawing different age portrait, kind of show us what you want use to see. You mention how the cheek bone grows out in the later years, but unless the audience really try to study the drawing, we couldn't care, or will think about it. What about drawing a series of drawings that shows that change literally. So like there's two or more drawings on a page, with each emphasizing on the cheek at different ages. Another drawing can show other portion of the face, body, or skeletal anatomy, etc.

Kalvin Yang said...

I notice...

-the work on the right looks like school photos
-the work on the right looks like a progression series through out the age/year
-the different line work in both work

I think you should keep going with what you have. Having the portrait like shoots progressing has a nice theme to it.

I like them a lot. Great job with your studies.

Pleiades said...

I notice the angles of the faces change as they move from left to right.

I notice the drawings are head and shoulders with the shoulders fading out.

I think you could continue with the portraits if you add an element like the overlapping, but if you want to do individual drawings they would be more successful in the environment. I think it would work better if you should keep the portraits of fewer people and more personal.

Xai With Glasses said...

I notice enlargement of the heads and a change in value. You should do the age progression as you are doing it now where the people are connected together in one big sheet. Although they may look like original portrait drawings, there's nothing wrong with that.